Friday, August 31, 2012

When Temperaments Get Tempestuous

The thread

a samurai sword/
cuts silence like
thin bamboo
split by, the sharpened
steel-toe kick
of the west

before execution
a man spit in the face
of a would-be undertaker
and escaped
due to a witty girl
who saw the advantage
of Ronin blades
against an oppressive edge

keep smiling
dumpling lady

while a ruckus
rages in the tea house
a hidden samurai
explains to idiots outside
'how to conduct oneself'
'in an appropriate manner'

before tea spills
and blood

he might help
Kitty Genovese
and reverse the wheels
of time, the samurai outside

honor, a medal of
worth, while conflicts
inside are dealt with
violence, a hasty way
to create silence

he gathers coins back
from the governor
who oppressed the land, and drained
the people of water
and rice

Vagrant Story
threatened their captors
and dodged crows
with skilled acrobatics

once the wage is sealed
with their savior
an innocent soul
is protected

is cut

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