Friday, October 14, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Summer '11

Alright guys, I've been somewhat negligent and have left the blog to the devices of others for some time now for a variety of reasons.  The first most being that I have been incredibly occupied with a plethora of tasks including working at the liquor store, volunteering time at the FOE 215, and spending time with my new girlfriend.  However, I have been working hard on all fronts on creative endeavors including wire wrapping, mural painting, introductions to both tattooing and glassblowing, and more to come.  Here is some of the stuff from the end of the summer, enjoy.

The Elephant :

 The Butterfly:

This was the first real wire wrapping piece I worked on, and I am extremely proud of the clasp on it, as well as the durability of the piece.  The finished product is 5"x3" and made of copper, brass, and pewter bead.

The Dragonfly:

I find that I am both obsessed and fascinated by both the fidgeted compulsiveness of the activity of making jewelry and the idea of creating objects that resemble insects.  This is derived from the near ineffectual manner with witch we regard insects.  Wearing one around the neck to me is almost as if to say, "look at what good fortune has found me." both in the capturing of the insect, and in the sense of "look at the productivity of my ecosystem to yield such a beautiful item."  Final product: 4"x3"

The Room:

Last but not least is the 8'x13' wall of my friend Sierra Weast's bedroom which has been generously donated for my artistic perrogotive.  I started only with the idea behind a dream catcher, wanting to produce dreams of magnitude and complexity, and progress has been slow, but we are approaching completion.