Friday, May 27, 2011

Forming A Bridge

The fusebox erupted
volcanic red and sparks were buried
in the backyard like empty bottles

light into the wind, hands
sift through ice
fingers move to avoid
static hands that fall apart
when the bottles are buried

snowmelt rises
land drinks the
water and cracks gradually
fade the red boiling

sleep in the sea

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Questioning the Principle

Justice, oh my old friend,
the gray skies
this place feels like purgatory.

What are my sins?
Never have I harmed another,
without reason.

Now your imposed equality
has grown chimera
to demean us all.

Justice,come only to mean,
an artifice to replace Darwin principal.

I ask only to be weighed fairly,
something you cannot do,
entite seeking profit blind.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Cheshire Cat

This small drawing was done as a favor for a friend who was working for a distributor of weed ice cream to medical marijuana dispensaries.  They didn't like it though...  It made them think their products were really gonna f people up

Ball Point Pen Drawings

These three pieces are simple masterwork drawings i have been working on over the past few years/months.  Each is made using a single ball point pen cartridge, and a single 24''x18'' watercolor pad.

"The Bridge at Anthropophagi"

"Tree of Threatenings"

"The Man, the Microphone, the Music"


Tangled in the brew of knotting hair and mingled flesh

we wrestle.

The mind is our mat and we move in and out

anticipating one another’s next movement.

I want to grapple you down.

We swim.

In the swamp of separation, you save me

grab the torso and pull me to the banks.

I can take in breath, eyes relieved.

Our heads touch.

My mind and your mind feel the movement within.

Spinning sphere in our heads make heat,

friction builds and we are one.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Infinity ad Universum

The relatively new, in terms of religion, and relatively old, in terms of scientific theory, concept of the so called "Big Bang" as the original instant of creation of our universe is an elegant and simplistic explanation of what I consider an extremely complex event.  Since that is the only real objection against the event, I postulate against, and I propose something as deservingly, or expectedly complex.

If we look at our universe as an example of how long such complex events, namely the unwinding of the "Big Bang" event, we see several elements critical to establishing a basis for redefining the events which put the construct of our reality together.  Cardinal amongst these phenomena which I extrapolate from in our physical status is the principal of entropic decay, which acts as a directional arrow for the time construct we impose.  Forms of energy, and almost everything decay, moving from useful and organized, to less useful and disorganized.  I propose that process is part of a sine wave of energy interaction in the relative processes of decay and construct.  Think about it, we are active participants in the dissolution of energy, and it is likely that an opposite process, i.e. the construction of our universe, took an opposite but equal amount of time, complexity and experimentation as our own situation.

Energy will continue to decay logarithmically until it bottoms out, then I would expect it would rise exponentially, for whatever reason, be it a conversion of evolution into an environment needing construction, or otherwise. From that starting point, inverse of what we term the starting point of our universe, a situation of perfect organization and utilization, the inverse of logarithmic decay will occur, exponential construction.  This will happen until the state of perfect organization and structure epoch.  Perhaps that moment, that ideal is what we describe as infinite.

If we extrapolate in the same manner, it would be foreseeable that an inverse creature to ourselves would present at some point.  I mean that not in the sense of symmetry, but as per our definition as a members of a evolutionarily based organic tract.  I also propose that these expected anti "organic" items during the creation of our universe will be complex, and somewhat beyond our explanation.  I propose that we have devised the idea and term God/s for the part of our nature which leads us to question, subconsciously this situation with a rational mind.  Perhaps such entities, all the way up from single cells to the inverses of hyper-complex entities would experience infinite constantly, and the finite ideas of time or death would be far beyond their grasp.

This idea to me, it is only a curiosity, but curiosity grows like a tree, like all other things.  From this springs a curiosity for what shall happen next along our evolutionary tract.  I find it to be the reason i strive to be anything at all, to grow, to evolve by any means possible.  But that alone poses a question, will it be beautiful or horrible to evolve?  Will we only grow into more and more efficient dissolutioners, or will we transform into something we find it beautiful to be in the eating of usefulness and organization?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

One day...

One day man will believe in himself the way he believes in god. Then he will realize that he is more than the one he hoped omnipote. Though he is trapped by a finite time, he is free to do with it as he will. Freed from time, the universe is a box of closed doors, all things happening and have happened all at once without originality to one who will live forever, nothing shall have import. Man, or woman, they shall have beauty, and suicide; tragedy, and love. I for one would rather that, face the terror of death as the end of my existence, than diminish all of this life to nothing but a pretext. And I say unto you that anyone who would try to tell you what is happening now, right before your eyes is not as important as some "should" or "shall" be is only attempting to grasp at the reigns of your mind.

A Note Given with $1500 of Stolen Perfume

This is a gift I give to you, that you will not fully understand, a gift of competition, of rebellion, of calculated intelligence and mastery. I give it in the same spirit in which kindness was given to me on my last birthday: that the goodness of you should not be without it. I hope that it but gives you pause to find and hold joy at this confederation of friends about us that I can only call family; to which you have been the brightest image and most sustaining agent. Know that we all think, hope, and love of you in effort to a little longer keep the effervescent glow your smiling face brings to any gathering. I have but lost the humanity and mortality in me, and I try to follow the lantern of your emotion, foolish and bright in this darkness of poverty and gray colored fists and teeth. You are bright marker indeed: young, beautiful, vibrant, willful and wise, all the things which make a human of quality you have in plenty. I tell you all this for reason singular: that despite this attritious life of struggle you have more than enough mother f#@kin fight in you for any it will bring. I give it to you now because it is not about the date, but only about the excuse to appreciate you that all celebrate your birthday. I need no excuse, and my patience wanes for a demonstration of that affection, constant, which wells up inside even my stoic heart. Happy birthday, better yet happy this day and happy the next on and on until life lays you low or damnably steals you away from us... 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Artwork Made Under Persecution of Personality

Over the last six months, the period of time between my 21st birthday, and my recent arrest as per DUI, a plethora of semi-psychotic events left little time for artistic endeavors.  However, my new social, legal, and financial restrictions have created an environment... more conducive to producing artwork.  This piece represents the most significant investment of artistic resources.  Though incomplete, nearly 45 hours of pre-drawing, sketching, and layered acrylics have been applied, and I expect a total of 100 hours in the finished product

"New Creation"

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dimensionality ad Infinatum

The idea of infinity is paradoxical to us as finite beings, but it is also critically linked and limited as per our dimensional perception.  More precisely, it is linked to our ability to perceive within a certain degree of dimension.

The idea of something being three dimensional may seem simple, but the intellectual make up of such a description can be extremely complex.  The basic structure of dimension can be described as exponential.  Basically the contents of a dimension must be multiplied by themselves to reach the next level on a dimensional scale.  i.e.  A non dimension, no mass, a point.  A first dimension, a point by a point, a line.  A second dimension, a line by a line, length by width, a plane with area.  A third dimension, a plane by a plane, length by width by height, a three dimensional object with mass.  A fourth dimension, three dimensional objects with mass repeatedly existing in sequential moments explicitly distinct from one another as per entropic decay.  A fifth dimension, this is where it begins to get both complicated and speculative, but i am willing to accept that a   three dimensional object repeatedly projected outside of entropic decay may qualify for a fifth dimensionality.

The way we use the word infinity is linked to our position as fourth order dimensional entities.  Infinity is meant to describe those things that are outside of our ability to perceive.  A second dimensional item, a flat planar object could not achieve mass, wherein a third dimension would be an infinite by comparison.  We have however, the issue of lower order infinites.  For example, the Mobius strip, and other similar objects arise out of the translation of dimensions (you are able to create a second order infinite, in a fourth dimension).

After all this explication, i would like to touch on the crux, the most important social interest in the infinite, religion.  An omnipotent entity by definition must be infinite.  I will concede that it is more than possible for such an entity to exist, however there are several stipulations.  First, such an entity would not be symmetrically constructed to us, nor omniscient; to an entity that is infinite to us (and thus of a fifth dimension) possibly simultaneously experiencing all things, experience may be viewed as inconsequential, possibly as a function of lower dimensional objects.  Second, no contact, the word infinite allows the easiest explanation of this.  The term is that of exclusion, not-finite.  There is nothing in our universe which could be described as characteristic of infinite.  It is not within our perception to experience things outside of the directional arrow applied by entropic decay.  We live on it, we are linked to it.  If there were to be contact it would have to be at the behest of the higher order dimensional being, and there are no potential benefits to be gained for a higher order being.  Third, it is irrelevant.  A being of omnipotent status would not be constructed in any way we could perceive or imagine, it is distinct from and superior to our structure of existence.

In examining this it occurs to me that this omnipotent entity that has been discussed here, which would exist in the dimension above us would be a product of our finite universe multiplied upon itself in some sense.  That means that we may be partially responsible for a portion of its construction, perhaps a collective consciousness is a good example of a portion of such a possible entity.