Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Saturday, November 19, 2011

An Unprecedented Dilemma, A Simple Solution

We as Americans today face an unprecedented challenge.  For all of the lifestyle which surrounds us and was promised to liberate us from the degredations of animalistic challenges has become a thin, yet intricately webbed net designed specifically to demean and entrap the lives we might live.  For the promise of  ease we have allowed the slow moving political mechanisms of our supposed democracy to become so vastly complicated, that they can only be unwound and dominated by intricate liars and those with a desire only to dominate their fellow man.  For the promise of safety we have allowed the officers of our great nation to become highly militarized, heavily armed, and given them the ability to lie, cheat, and steal as badly or worse as the thugs we hoped they would arrest and remove from the public sector.

But even these glaring, seemingly irrevocable issues are naught when compared to the growing troll, the consumerist capitalism which is rising to eat alive not only the populace, but the soul and meaning of our great nation.  Step by step and day by day, a sense of what was once wonder at machination and items which add to the "ease of life" has developed into a nasty and bitter sense of entitlement and an addiction to resources like petroleum, corn and all its derrivatives, and the power to control our own existence in a world where the laws of nature say: "That will never be possible."  In a sense, the laws of capitalism, which were once supposed to allow the darwinist nature of our species to coincide with its monatary system, have replaced those same governing principles.  They have created a world where stupidity is rewarded, and originality is punished harshly.  People have changed the meanings of words so basic, like "person" to include corporations and the capital they bring.  We are, no longer slowly, loosing every bit of humanity we once hoped to uphold with ideals like liberty and justice.

That is the complaint, that is the issue facing us, that our government, our monatary system, and the people supposed to protect us all together and singly desire to dominate and enslave us for the benefit of themselves.  What can the American do?  What can individuals hope to accomplish in the meatgrinder that has been produced for the benefit of few and the dominion of many?  The answer is simple, and to all but a few, frightening.

Every day I see them, men that can still be considered men, and women who can still be considered women.  Those whom wake and work.  They walk the streets and catch the public transportations to their existences which the wealthy and powerful would call meaningless or demeaningly simple.  Those people who still work with their hands, who build something in their day, who still strive to better their world instead of profiting from the work of those "beneath" them must be emulated by all of us.  The days of calling "middle management" a career are over!  Commanding and harnessing the work of others is not a job, unless you produce proficiency and provide for an environment more conducive to excellence.  Corporations must be downsized, the overbearing size and influence of places like Target, Haliburton, etc. is a destructive and damaging element of our society.  America must return to the workforce, and produce!  Instead of outsourcing all actual labor and production to less affluent cultures. (That is why the economies of places like China are dominating our own).

The political sector must change as well.  The represenative democracy that has evolved into the monstrous aristocracy we have today must be removed.  Democracy must be restored, in absolute!  So that the voice and vote of every last american actually carries the weight it should always have.  The more complex a system is, the more prone to failure it is, and our system is dominated and controlled by those failures.  Lobbying must be abolished as a crime, if we are to survive this economically turmultuous time.  The rich must be stopped from comitting actions which to them may seem like clever ways of producing more income, but to the poor are considered acts of economic warfare.


Cards cascade across parquet
floor, a simple invitation
to a hymnal, or perhaps a beheading,
shadows quivering into skin within
shifting peripheral visions.

Slip into the scenery
slowly, as if hollowed and hovering
wholly towards some historical
unknown. A duvet groans,
garrulous as collective
unconscious, as the seas in which
we drown our conscience. Scylla
and Charybdis huddle in the metaphorical
floorboards for warmth, their memory
fading in apathetic future. Atheistic
tunes flutter in the distance, afloat
in Technicolor madness, in the striations
of rabid persistence. Listen, the spaces
between us have shifted. We are not

what we present to ourselves
pillowside, nor the reedsongs
sung steadily beneath our lies.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Our pupils sketched
the horizon-lines,
the somnolent zig-zag
of jagged rock
and waning day –
alighting upon
& abandoning
all the half-starved

(which remained in
their original packaging
as if cardboard and plastic

could become
a softer kind
of love,
a sturdier sort
of faith. )

The night taught us
more than patience.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Back from the Snow

Stumble Frames #11

Wake up
at a salt flat
and touch the ground-sky

hold clouds
and earth-sea

salt caked
into snow-covered mountains

watch as the water moves
from green spring
to white stasis

One lake was a gift
from the cave-god to
a graveyard
for old trees

the lake was a piece of
a goddess' mirror
108 pieces in total

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fire on the Wire Wraps

Treble Clef:  The Ewer
The first of the new wire wrapping endeavors which have been occupying a vast portion of my artistic effort is the result of solid luck and rock finding.  My girlfriend and several others, (including my parents after a trip to Santa Fe) have all contributed dozens of crystals to a collection which has a fantastic variety of both geometry, shape, size, color, and purity.

Amethyst Micah
This extremely fragile piece of Micah was wrapped solely with the intent of adding a slight measure of structural integrity to the crystal which has some linear stability, but easily flakes off even with the use of fingernails.  The finished result is sound enough to act as either key-chain or pendant.

Update: Finished With the Monochromatic Man

Its taken quite a while, but I finally finished my latest piece of brushwork.  Given my involvement in murals, and the start up of my own wire-wrapping pastime, this piece sort of fell to the wayside.  However, my brother and his department at the Colorado School of Mines showed considerable interest, and have decided to hang the piece in the new building and robotics lab on campus there.  The figure has been finished, and the form holds three dimensions, also significant detail added on the head.  Final info: "New Creation," 48" x 36", Acrylic on Canvas.