Thursday, October 23, 2014

'The Corinthian' Music Video Stills

this is our 100th post at the Rabid Bat Collective, so I wanted to do something special:

video still credits to Johhny Moorehouse

and here is the music video, credits to Johnny Moorehouse once again:

Be on the lookout for the new EP by MYTHirst, "the Corinthian"!! Dropping in November!
MYTHirst will be playing at the Deerpile in Denver on November 1st!!

Artwork for 'the Corinthian' EP

These pictures show the evolution of MYTHirst's 'the Corinthian' EP artwork by Michael Steuben.

'the Corinthian' drops in November!!
MYTHirst will be playing in Denver at the Deerpile November 1st!