Saturday, April 23, 2011

On Capital

This new political climate, which has arisen from the demise of empires and the loss of interest of conquering countries has inherent to it a fundamental premise. Perhaps this principle is most evident in our own social system, the ideal that man is created equal.

Yes, we are all born in the same equal state of incompetence, unable to do more than scream, eat, and shit. However, we all develop into unique entities, with vastly different and easily hierarchically ranked attributes. We all grow into a state of inequality, a demographic that these democratic social and political structures are not designed to incorporate. Our human nature to dominate our peers inevitably leads to the destruction of these politics.

So how have they come to this equilibrium of political stability which we see in them now? The complicated answer is disassociation and distraction. The simple answer is capitalism, more specifically corporate consumerist capitalism. This economic structure allows the Darwinist nature of man, the true nature of him to evolve by any means possible, to pervade in a system which can still pretend modesty by equality. These two things, democracy, and capitalism form an unusual biopoly, a symbiotic collusion by which both mask one another's faults and the individual is deprived of any import. He is either subject to his money or to his peers, no matter how he dominates the ether.

Perhaps what is most frightening, is that we have not seen one of these large, capitalist political entities fall, and we have watched capitalism spread like a disease or virus across the planet. No place is immune to the influx of this economical system. We are told that it is the only way to make an economic system that will not fail. However, what this statement does not realize is that all economic systems have a lifespan. None are immune to this premise, we are finite beings, we do not last forever, nor do the items or thoughts of our making. So we must predict, because this global economic system still persists, we have not seen it fall yet. We can extrapolate from other economic systems about what will happen when it does collapse, but these are only stick-men.

I prefer to assume that it will not fail, that it will prevail, and the outcome is far more horrific than any collapse. What will a global system based on human greed breed at its hours of dusk? The answer is simple, a global demise. We will either reinvent it now, or in the future, or we will allow the corporate consumerist culture to envelop all of the resources, for it is obvious we will not escape this planet to secure resources, we cannot even escape it to experiment. So it shall take all those things we need to consume to live, and by entropy demolish their usefulness and organization until our species cannot survive in the pallor of their shambles.

So i ask of you, all who think, to have an intellectual basis for your actions. I ask you to contemplate and imagine something better than the excuse of saying, "If it does not suit our natures it cannot be." We must find something new, something wiser, than this capital, or we shall find the fall of it to be the fall and demise of our species.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


A Basis

Born in a spiral
A nautilus shell
twists in graphite and acryllic
What began with red ended with red
The first and
last steps of a staircase
            darkness surrounds
            white seeps in
has a gray area

The day traffic lights changed colors
purple and orange appeared
in thirds

A sideways glance shows
                  a friendly type of crooked
Above the mundane grid
the lights changed colors
Above the new lights
the old colors floated to the sky

A half-erupted volcano brings
a trace of lava to the sand
where green water hits the shore
under primary colored palm trees

A lighthouse stands despite the heat
pouring out
a thin haze of yellow light
while smoky clouds
rise to the East
and white clouds
linger in the west